Day @ IIT Gurukulam

IIT Gurukulam engages you in a day where every session has been designed precisely with the sole aim of streamlining your life and increasing your ability to retain the acquired knowledge.

Day at IIT Gurukulam starts with the morning bell ringing at 6:30 AM giving a compulsory Wake-up Call. It is followed by a healthy and delicious breakfast. Just like a teacher scrubbing the blackboard before teaching another subject, a student’s clustered mind is then cleared through Morning Prayer and Meditation so that he is ready to grasp new concepts.

The day that follows consists of 8 hours of unwavering faculty support, including tutorials, sheet solving and doubt clearing sessions. Students are also granted ample time for their self-studies. The day ends slowly with the setting sun witnessing the lighter moments of students enjoying the cultural programs planned by the future IITians only. Students, at times stretch their days long enough to solve practice sheets.

In short, IIT Gurukulam infuses joy under discipline turning your JEE prep years, the best years of your life.